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Koyano Certified Public Accounting Office Koyano Certified Public Accounting Office
Address: Yoyogi 1-chome Building 14F
1-22-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
ZIP code/151-0053 Japan
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Representative:   Chief Certified Public Accountant
Mikio Koyano
Founded:   October, 1996
Employees:   41 specialists in finance, accounting and tax, consisting mainly of certified public accountants and tax accountants
6 outside advisers including a lawyer and a US CPA in the States
Message from the Representative

Representative:Mikio Koyano The recent business environment in the world economy has been changing more rapidly than ever experienced before. The time is beginning to question the existence value of each company itself.
We believe it is our mission to adequately support your business management by providing financial, accounting and tax strategies that correspond to any change of the times.
Our office will never grow without our clients’ continued success and progress.
“Coexistence”is our concept.

Representative: Mikio Koyano
Certified Public Accountant / Tax Accountant / Security Analyst / MBA Graduate

<Representative Profile>
1984 While in senior year of Waseda University, Mikio Koyano, the representative of Koyano Certified Public Accounting Office, passed the 2nd stage of examination for Certified Public Accountant;
1985 Joined a major securities company straight out of college;
Engaged in public stock offering and corporate finance services at its credit underwriting department;
Involved in IPO of numerous prominent corporations and practiced a number of new finance methods of listed companies;
1989 Engaged in various consulting services at Financial Planners’ Room particularly on property tax issues for owners of public companies; Introduced and practiced a multitude of finance and tax strategies while providing private banking service for asset holders;
1993 Earned his MBA degree at Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University; Learned advanced finance theories directly from many leading practitioners in Wall Street;
1996 Retired from the securities company;
Established Koyano Accounting Office in Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo;
2001 Received ISO9002 certification as an accounting office;
Became certified by the English authorities regarding its tax accounting service business;
2002 Became certified to the new standards of ISO9001;
2003 Started a serial for the Japan Securities Journal titled “Securities Taxation System Q&A, Teach Me, Mr. Koyano!”(every Tuesday);
2004 Published”Asset Management Practice by Listed Companies’ Owners for PB&FP” through Zeimu Kenkyukai;
2006 Published”Tax, Accounting, Assessment and Finance of Real Estate for PB&FP” through Zeimu Kenkyukai;
Revised”Asset Management Practice by Listed Companies’ Owners for PB&FP”; and
2007 Relocate the office to Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
  Currently he is also active as a director of some companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, a supervising director for a listed REIT investment corporation, a national exam committee for the 1st grade of FP proficiency examination, a national exam committee for financial counter service proficiency examination, and a director of a range of public-interest corporations to make contribution to society as well.

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Corporate Philosophy
<Security-Creating Corporation>
There is an increasing demand in society for security and safety under chaotic
and uncertain circumstances as we know today.
In such times we hold as our corporate philosophy the mission to create security among
the clients in the areas of finance, accounting and tax, and furthermore to contribute to
prosperity in Japan’s economy and even the world economy through the development of
our clients’ businesses.
Our staffs are also committed to maintain the highest standard of business/professional/specialist ethics in the industry.
Koyano Certified Public Accounting Office

Corporate Feature
Koyano Certified Public Accounting Office <Provision of Highly Professional Services>
Even though the legal system surrounding companies has been revised more incessantly than any previous in history including corporation law and tax regulations, the highly professional skills and ability of our office staff enable accurate and prompt catch-ups on the latest law revisions, and therefore we are able to proudly propose new company strategies to our clients.
It is our corporate feature to have the capability to solve wide-ranging managerial problems especially regarding finance, accounting and tax, which services are provided by our consulting section consisting of mainly certified public accountants and tax accountants.

Clients Profile
[Consulting Section]
150 clients in Japan and overseas / mainly listed companies, owners of listed companies, and to-be-listed companies
[Tax Service Section]
250 outsourcing clients in accounting, finance, tax and general affairs
Koyano Certified Public Accounting Office

We form partnerships with qualified professionals from a range of different fields.
We can swiftly address various issues that occur to our clients other than in finance, accounting and tax as a one-stop service.

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Koyano Certified Public Accounting Office
Yoyogi 1-chome Building 14F
1-22-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
ZIP code/151-0053 Japan
2-minute walk from Yoyogi Station
<west exit>on JR / Yoyogi Station
<Exit A1> on Toei-Oedo Line
6-minute walk from Minami-Shinjuku Station on Odakyu Line
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