We have a suggestion for you

We suggest using the accounting outsourcing service of Koyano C.P.A. Office which is not only just bookkeeping.

The cost for outsourcing is far below than the labor cost to hire an accounting clerk. 

For overseas enterprises

●We provide accounting service in English!

 Accounting documents should be made in Japanese for tax return in Japan.

We translate and provide the outcomes of the accounting documents in English like B/S and P/L.

●We prepare various reports in English!

 We also prepare monthly/annual reports and closing statements to be send to the headquarters overseas.

If you have an original report form, we will follow your rule.

●We have proven experience in bookkeeping, payroll calculation and tax accounting!

 Since our establishment, we have supported accounting work and tax practice of various sizes, ranging from personal businesses of under ten million yen sales to listed companies.

 Based upon our accumlated know-how we have accumulated, we will offer the most appropriate service to each of our clients.

●We analyze your problems of management and offer possible solutions!

 Based upon your accounting data, we will figure out problems, offer solutions and give support so that your business can further develop in Japanese market.

●Consultation is the primary service!

 Taking care of accounting work such as “bookkeeping” itself could save trouble in your daily work, but it does not solve the company’s business problems.

 We provide not only bookkeeping service or tax accounting work but also consultation on business-related affairs such as human, goods and money.

●Appropriate suggestions for business growth in Japanese market!

 We provide planning service for your business/marketing strategies or even prepare management plan so that you can take the most appropriate action at the most appropriate time.

 We not only save the trouble of accounting work but also help the business to grow.

●We organize networking events and workshops!

 Koyano C.P.A. Office hosts monthly workshops and networking events.

 We offer opportunities to have contact with business managers or executives of other companies, and create inspiring environment to acquire knowledge about business, laws, accounting and taxes as well.

 Exchanges among the clients in those settings have generated new business opportunities.